Saturday, October 14, 2017

when gardening is like a cloud

So, if NAFTA fails; this will mean something to someone.

If my shoelaces comprise all of the lichen that are acutely aware of the next Halloween, all will be put asunder.

The myopically deranged neolithic scientist denied the dingbats the right to vote at the next syncopatic election.

That all people who live in the south-eastern quarter of Des Moines eat Cheerios on Tuesdays whose date numbers are prime numbers, would make jealous the caveats that are used by feline elocutionists.

Don't think twice about something thought should be thought of over night.

Monday, October 09, 2017

when rendering the red

The flagship dirigible sank westwards while the witch, casting a spell on the underlings, would vanquish each moth ball like a kettle fiddles with the drain.

The setting sun, behind the clouds, makes no one notice how photogenic the ceiling would have been had it not been covered with moss. A fledgling photographer, attempting to capture the sunset through the clouds, failed to notice the moss covered ceiling. There is no antidote to not noticing.

A dancing sepulchre, avoiding life like her death depended on it, spent grief like a teenaged canine slobbers over a ketchup stained iguana. Be aware that not all invocations can be compared to weary idiosyncrasies.

Creating a celebration out of fictitious holidays becomes the hobby of those who can't get enough of high frequency socialization. Others have hobbies of building clocks or memorizing the uses of molybdenum. By design, my select list of hobbies includes little to no lint.

If A1 and B1 get added into C1, you might have an inclination as to what software could be in use. If you have no inclination, this would indicate you are level. If you have a strong inclination then you can probably figure out what's going on in D1 and J23. If you still don't have an idea what software this might be.

The ambient quotient suffered as the night light faded into dawn. There is something about brightness that gives light. I should know.

Friday, October 06, 2017

soon enough, or later?

There are ballistical challenges that plague the iron clad neophytes. That lethargy and decisions that are on the side would make elephantine reactions to pervasively idiomatic expressions would lay a layer of derision so plagued with calamity, that the sentients would bow to a blotched canopy of evasiveness. If vision becomes blocked, unblock it.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

behaving like a lamp post

The left most of the highest; let them be.

Send it twice. Do not bark, meow or woof.

Sleep like the lichen. Bake like the oven. Placate like the plaque.

When the disingenuous try to sell you a garment; make sure it fits.

A rose by any other colour is not a number, nor a flavour of wrist watch.

Getting derailed by your own thoughts is a sign you have lost control of your mind. This may not be a bad thing, depending on the situation.

I counted exactly zero albatrosses when I checked the inside of my left sock before I put it on this morning. This is the same count I received when I checked yesterday.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

when dreams are made of doughnut holes

I have remembered my dreams, the last few mornings.

I can't recall them now; though, I do remember remembering them.

I do not know what has changed to make it so that I have begun to remember them a little more often.

I have not really changed my diet or sleeping habits.

Maybe this is what happens to people when they reach 16,177 days old.

Monday, October 02, 2017

a microcosm of a cosmos

I once thought of a window as something to look at, rather than to look through.

I figured, then, that being a window would allow one to either be looked through, or looked at.

If one was a window that was to be looked through, throwing a rock at it would hurt.

If one was a window that was to be looked at, throwing a rock at it would make one question the existentialism of the window.

I haven't felt like a window in quite large number of days; fortunately.

Friday, September 29, 2017

broken, like a pain killer that tastes of splinters

The main camera on my mobile device died two weeks ago. It was sad and unexpected when it happened.

Of the multiple uses and functions of a mobile device, I would say the camera is within the top three of uses.

In other news, a carrot went swimming in the underwear worn by a ripened cauliflower.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

mellifluously specific

There isn't a division that is multiplied by the addition of a subtraction.

To quote anyone, "There is this, and that".

Like-minded mindful minds minded that the likeness of the liked, would like minds that are mindful. Twice.

All of the limericks that were put on 'pause', can be left there.

The idea of kneeling when the national anthem plays - really, who cares?

One time, this thing happened. And then it happened again. Whoop-de-do.

I do not know if all of the elbows in the world, if you added them up, would it add to a prime number. Especially if you included elbow macaroni.

Clawing your way out of a nightmare; something I've never done. I have had dreams a few times in the last eleven sleeps; but I've nightmares perhaps exactly zero or one time throughout my life. I suppose I would remember it if it really was a strong one.

Trying to tie a tourniquet by using a baseball bat is not a recommended procedure. I should know.

Monday, September 25, 2017

bankrupt of sock rings

Well, that's a fine size of shoe to dance on. Like a limerick, merry and all of the goup spread upon the anklet, nigh, a flight of banshees playing chicken with the Ace of Spades. Magnifying the ulterior and painting it all three shades of dank; that's the highest neighbour a celebrity would castigate unceremoniously. Devoid of chocolate moth balls? So too are all of the least, be they twice or less. To envision is to fall; to incite is to run.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

real life in a box made of soda crackers

Each of the schools my children go to, there are three of them now, have something called Curriculum night, though it isn't called exactly that at each school.

Curriculum night is where the parents get to meet the teachers of the kids and learn what is expected of the children through the school year in terms of effort, homework, assignments, projects, tests, quizzes and exams. So far we've had the curriculum night for V-8, who has two teachers; one that teaches French and a few subjects in french and another who teaches English and a few different subjects in english.

We've also had the curriculum night for C-Ling, who is in her first year of high school. Each subject has a different teacher, so we got to meet almost all of her teachers; this was Tuesday evening earlier this week.

This evening we meet G-Bot's teachers. He is in his second last year of high school and so the grades he gets this year are important as the next level of education will look at these as the earliest grades the students get.

I do not recall there having been curriculum nights when I was a kid going through school. Maybe there was and my parents didn't go, but I think it is more likely that there simply wasn't any such thing.

Friday, September 08, 2017

do not remember

Occasionally it is found to be very important to remember something.

I wonder if there are ever occasions where it would be equally important to not remember something.