Monday, December 11, 2017

when cryogenics becomes more appealing than a toaster oven

So, we had our company party this past Saturday.

I had fun for the most part. The event was held in a Lebanese resto with middle eastern food served on communal plates allowing us all to try a variety of different things. A few of us were surprised by this, by not having a principal meal, others were pleased by this, allowing for the tasting of a variety of different things. I felt ambivalent about the idea and ended up liking about two thirds of what was offered, having tried everything at least once. I got to sit across from one of my coworkers and to my left was the sister of one of my more distant coworkers. I think the interactions I had with each of them were probably the highlight of the evening for me.

I was MC with another person and the plan we had was only partially used, but that was okay - we figured that we would have to adjust based on how the evening passed. I haven't yet received any specific feedback about this, so I do not know if it went well, or did not go well, but I don't think it was terrible.

There were moments on the dance floor where I relished in just being there, doing my own thing, as often I do. There were also moments where I felt outcast as I watched others dancing in a communal coalescence. These latter feelings were fleeting but acute and had me moderately bewildered, sufficiently that it stuck with me - the questioning as to why I should feel this way.

I left the event perfunctorily, sharing a cab away from the resto with whomever was also leaving at the time. I found out today that an hour after I had departed was when the event wound down, so I ended up staying almost to the end.

Two more weeks of work, and then I have the week off between Christmas and New Years, so I'm looking forward to getting a break, though it won't be a peaceful break.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

rip the kip out of the lip

So what?

Am I not allowed to be curious?

Morning nosey-ness is not welcome, apparently. The bringer of beeps, like a maple tree in a winter morning; serendipity is not the fruit that lingers, welcoming it again and again seems to serve no purpose.

Mental calisthenics, severity like a dew fall, crank the rank that sank, as a wrist slapped.


Sometimes I swathe in the internalized ignominy, balanced on the precipice of choosing between future stealth voyages or local amicability.

I drain of this; spilling out into the ether. A sop up was due and received earlier this week. Who knows when the next sop up is scheduled?

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

left in the lurch, right in the blight

The 5633 was made of sylvan electricity and reminded Hank of the least favourite fascist from history's programme.

The ordeal was sped leftwards, towards the leeward side of the defward.

magnifying the cox of the rear bow side on the port of the drink that suffocated the most generous of scintillatingly subversive.

Castigate twice. Or now.

Monday, December 04, 2017

like windex, only thinner

There is something to be said for counting out loud while keeping your mouth shut.

There is nothing to be said about planting your feet firmly on uncertain ground.

There are eye opening interest questions proposed, applied, but not returned. Move ahead two spaces.

Earlier in the day, a side-stepped knock off got knocked off. Move ahead two more.

That hidden iridescence is picked out from under the inexistential camouflage unaccompanied comes as no surprise. Move back three.

Nose bleeding eloquence barks not a path on the destination; it reels in the foe like a diamond with a low third C.

The last two groups were horrid, so said the evasive cat who plays Boggle on Tuesday nights.

And the visit comes, again and again; side windows, front windows, back windows, transparent windows. Move back two.

The lift will wait.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

sloshing around the shoe box

There is something to be said for preparation.

The more prepared one is, the more confidence one can have.

The less prepared one is, the more of a buffoon one can become.

With someone else, the two of us are MCing our company's Christmas Party, a week from Saturday. We are preparing.

A few with whom we've spoken have said that we shouldn't be too prepared as otherwise we may look too stiff. I know that my partner is keen on getting stuff down very clearly so that she has the confidence to do this.

I am more comfortable with not having things exactly planned out than she is, but I'm also okay getting it all laid out clearly.

Though; one idea I did have was to prepare some jokes that only I have prepared, and have her be the sound board of the jokes without her having prepared for it. So, as we meet to iron out all of the minute details; I will simply put 'joke' in the slot where I would say one.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

like a nail driver pummeling the rope caster

A large number of us from work went bowling last night; teams were made up randomly.

Throughout there were moments I felt this forced camaraderie was discomforting at best.

At other times, sparse, conversation was had that was just slightly deeper than superficial.

I feel torn at the idea of sailing on my Quidnon, separating, periodically, from the world, but knowing that social connection is one of the clearest attributes of prolonged mental and physiological health.

Maybe it is just a question of finding crew mates.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

When the iguanas go on strike

So, the Haitians that are in the US under specific circumstances will no longer be permitted to stay in the US after the summer of 2019.

In other news Charlie Rose falls as have all of the other entertainers/business people who have had numbers of women and others who allege non consensual sexual conduct.

These two stories have very little in common.

I have been dreaming of obtaining a Quidnon. I think of it as a retirement plan for my early years of retirement. Who knows if I will ever have one.

I am going bowling this evening with my coworkers. It ought to be fun.

Monday, November 13, 2017

bargain basement 65' yacht prices

Arguably the least offensive thing a person can say is nothing.

The least offensive person may argue that a thing is nothing.

Nothing is offensive, a least person arguably can say.

An arguable person is offensive, says nothing.

Person nothing arguable.


Monday, November 06, 2017

banter about the bay view

So I'm reading this book called 'Radical Honesty' and one of the middle chapters in the book is about anger.

I do not get angry. Really.

The chapter had some really interesting things to say about it, but I couldn't find that any of it would apply to me.

Anyhow, it is 23h25 as I write this sentence and I am sleepy. I ought to go to sleep.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Blanket statement about blankets

I have composed exactly zero limericks in the last eleventeen minutes. Two more times than zero is at least the number of pie plates that were used as biplanes in a race to capture catheters named Cathy. Left handed microscopes are numbered alphabetically when being used as a pilot light to prevent nothing from not happening. A leftist branded a template much like a covalent bond smears political figures for having not picked up their canine pet defecation. All drones flying between 80m and 190m should be painted invisible and turned noiseless so as to placate the dirigibles that once, filled with helium, could masquerade as a spleen.

Getting dealt double jacks in your first hand is reminiscient of a windy day where blackberry cheesecake gets ridden over by a row of cement trucks all painted orange with black spots. Bowling sideways doesn't always make Hank pleased with the colour of sock he picked out on the day he turned twenty-three years old. Fortunately, he got over it.

In all honesty these posts give me the joy of stringing words together that do not usually go together. I like string, though I do find it hard to push.

Monday, October 30, 2017

when baking cookies in the dryer lint trap

The city I live in has decided to mechanize the compost retrieval and so it has designated only two dates for leaf bag retrieval during the fall. The first of these was today.

So; this past weekend I raked five bags of leaves.

Previous to that; I used a mulcher to mulch the equivalent of three bags into the compost bin that the mechanized truck lifts robotically. A week from today is another regular pick up, so only mechanized, and then the week after is the second and last extra bag leaf pick up. So, this coming weekend I'll only rake/mulch the amount of leaves that corresponds to my city provided compost bin and then the weekend after I'll be raking the entirety of my front and back lawn.

Hopefully the weather cooperates; raking the leaves on rainy days doesn't work very well as the leaf bags end up getting extremely heavy due to all of the water absorbed by the leaves.

Given impending life changes this may be the last fall I do this.

Time will tell what will happen next.

Fall 2017 Leaf Bag Count: 8 bags.